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Resilience Software Inc. is a Canadian software company based in Vancouver, BC, where the plants flourish in the rain and people only open their umbrellas if it’s a downpour.

Our focus is mobile software that supports efficient recording and reporting of clinical, surgical and learning experiences. We are the makers of T-Res and the American College of Surgeons Practice-Based Learning System (Case Log) software applications.

T-Res began in 2000, growing from a small project sponsored by Dr. Andrew MacNeily, a pediatric urologist at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. It was clear that the information collected by a Palm-based logging application used by his Urology residents was helpful and interesting. Dr. Steven Wong, a cardiologist, sponsored a project so that we could create a version that worked for Internal Medicine over the Internet, which turned into the impetus to create a product that would work more broadly across almost all disciplines.

It became clear over time that this product could work not only for residents, but for students and practicing physicians as well. We now have thousands of people using T-Res, at many universities and across more than 60 medical disciplines. T-Res has been used around the world to record over 5 million activities.

When the American College of Surgeons wanted a Case Log to allow their surgeon members to easily record their operative cases via a Surgeon-Specific Registry (SSR), they chose Resilience Software because of our experience with T-Res. The project continues to be a great success and hundreds of thousands of surgical cases have been entered into the SSR system.

We believe that we will continue to succeed if we listen to our customers, focus on saving them time, and provide them with excellent support. We believe that the software should work well, not just for the people who have to enter the information, but for the people who review the information as well.

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