Practicing Physicians

T-Res Faculty Edition
Faculty and practicing physicians can use T-Res to track their clinical activities, including outcomes, and academic activities. They can be associated with a residency program or use T-Res completely independently.

Each Program Director can choose to collect activities from faculty and, for each one, they can evaluate the learner they work with. These ’atomic’ evaluations can be very powerful.

The information collected about fellow residents or students can help make longer term evaluations faster and easier to fill in. We also believe that even a few activities recorded with a learner can help the evaluations become more accurate.

One Program Director described being challenged by a fellow about a contentious evaluation saying it was biased and not based on reality. The Program Director was able to discuss the exact encounters that lead to the evaluation, when they happened and the atomic evaluations for each one. This knowledge significantly improved how useful the discussion about the evaluation was for both sides.

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