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T-Res is tailored to meet the needs of medical students in clinical clerkships and supports many of the accreditation requirements of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). Web and mobile data collection options integrated with our reporting component provide a solid, easy-to-use tool for students and Program Directors alike.

We will customize a version that fits your needs. Choose from our extensive library of fields to ensure that you collect all the information that is important to you—no more, no less. Our library has over 100 options including memory flags, self evaluations, preceptor evaluations and fields to create a portfolio of learning experiences. Download our brochure (PDF) for more information on how T-Res can benefit your program.



LCME ED-2 Accreditation
T-Res helps meet LCME accreditation standards, particularly ED-2. Goals are set at the rotation level or for the full duration of the clerkship year and goal-based reporting shows items achieved and pending as the students’ training progresses. With regular report submission checkpoints, faculty can monitor student experience and modify it as necessary to ensure that the objectives of the program are met. If there is a gap in student experience, the faculty and student can jointly plan to meet this goal by other options such as simulated training, or in another rotation.

Visit LCME’s website to read the current Standard ED-2.


HIPAA Compliance
It is not necessary for students using T-Res to record sensitive patient information so HIPAA regulations will not apply. Visit HIPAA’s website for more information.

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